S-A-T – Teh Cheezburgr Sekshun

The other day the popular website I Can Has Cheezburger posted the following image:

 SAT Question

In response, I have come up with the following questions which may or may not appear on a future revision of the SATs.  Please read the questions carefully, use only a #2 pencil to fill in the corresponding bubble sheet.  Please fill in the bubbles correctly and completely or the answer will not count.  Do not begin the test until I tell you to begin.  You will have 30 minutes to complete this section.  When you reach the -STOP- symbol at the end of the test please stop. When you have finished, you will close your test packet, turn your answer sheet over, and put your head down. You may scroll down to the first question and begin the test now.

Q1. Kitteh:Cheezburgr::Goggie:___________

A. Hamburgr
B. Hotdog
C. Zalad
D. Chikin Sammich

Q2. Lolrus:Bukkit::Goggie:___________

A. Sockses
B. Butterz
C. Cellular
D. Staplr

Teh nekst foo kweschuns relayt 2 teh fawloeen storee.

Ai is a lolrus. Ai losted mah bukkit abowt a yeer ago. Sum stoopy hoomins tuk mah bukkit. To comp…kompin…maded up 4 it dey gives meh a cellular. Dey den tuk mah cellular. Ai wuz teh sad. Ai den joynded a bukkit loss support groop. Ai has maded manee frends froo teh groop. Ai has been informd bai mah associates as to hoo tuk mah bukkit, n y dey tuk mah bukkit. Ai was awlso tolded dat mah bukkit b n Soviet Russia n dat it misses meh.

Q3. Hoo b tellin teh storee?

A. Kitteh
B. Goggie
C. Lolrus
D. Ceilingcat

Q4. Wut b teh nayratrs pryzd poseshun?

A. Cellular
B. Sockses
C. Cheezburgr
D. Bukkit

Q5. N wut locayshun wuz teh nayratrs pryzd poseshun fownded?

A. N teh hol wif Ceilingcat
B. Bafroom
C. Wif hoomin
D. Soviet Russia

Q6. Hao duz teh nayratr feel?

A. 😦
B. :\
C. :@
D. Awl ov teh abov


Q7. Teh goggie has 4 sockses. A hoomin trys 2 taek a sockses. Hao manee sockses duz goggie hab?

A. 3
B. 2
C. 4 – Him warded off teh hoomin.
D. 1

Q8. Happycat receebs a cheezburger. Soon 3 frends sho up. Hao manee cheezburgerz duz Happycat need to shayr wif frends?

A. 3
B. 2 – one is a vegetamarian
C. 0 – He nommed teh cheezburger b4 dey arryvd

Which b teh korekt spalin ov teh wurd dat goez n teh sentns?

Q9. I can has ___________?
A. Cheeseburger
B. Cheezburgr
C. Chzbrgr
D. Eevur B or C

Q10. I miss mah ____________.

A. Bucket
B. Bukkit
C. Fish
D. Cellular

Q11. Whut fudz b tastee n nootrishus?

A. Butterz
B. Broklee
C. Brusl Sprowtz
D. Marjrin

Q12. I maded u a _____________

A. Toast
B. Cawfee
C. Cookie
D. Tea

Q13. Whut did ai do wif ur fing I maded?

A. Eated it 😦
B. Drunkd it 😦
C. Gayv it to goggie 😦
D. Nuffin yet 🙂

Q14. Hoo b wachin u?

A. Goggie
B. Lolrus
C. Ceilingcat
D. Happycat

Q15. Wich wuns ar teh poyzun?

A. Red
B. Blue
C. Green
D. Orange



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3 Responses to “S-A-T – Teh Cheezburgr Sekshun”

  1. Shoaib Says:


  2. Astarid Says:

    Ai tinks Ai didz purty gud, but dat yew didz eben BETTER-er bai making such a tremenjously gud ( and bery muches fun!) test. Tanks muchly!

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    […] What’s that you say?  That wasn’t enough practice and you want MORE?  Okay then.  Here. […]

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