Piggeh Kittehs

Oh, look, a kitty in a pig costume.


(To the tune of “Piggies” by The Beatles)

Has u seen teh littl kittehs
Crawln n teh durt?
N 4 all teh littl kittehs
Life iz getin wurs
Dey can has teh durt 2 play aroun n?

Has u seen teh bigr kittehs
N ther starchd wite shurts?
U wil find teh bigr kittehs
Stirin up teh dirt
Dey can has teh cleen shurts 2 play aroun n?

N their boxes wit all their littr
Dey dont care wat goez on aroun
N their lives dey alwayz purrgle
Dey can has dam gud snorgle?

Evrywere dere’s lots o’ kittehs
Livin kitteh lives
U can see dem owt for din-din
Wit dere kitteh wivez
Dey no needz forkz or knivez to nom dere



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